Zuppa del Giorno

Fresh soup of the day.



Home-made duck liver pate.



Linguine Arrabiata

Linguine pasta with  garlic, chilly and tomato sauce.


Insalata di Anatra

Roast duck served cold on a bed of Summer salad.



Bianchetti Fritti

Deep-fried whitebait with lemon and tartar sauce.


Fungi  Trifolati

Button mushrooms pan-fried with white wine, olive oil and garlic sauce

 Main Course 


Pollo Bosco

Diced chicken with mushrooms peppers, pancetta and red wine sauce.


Maiale alla Puttanesca

Pork grilled and seasoned with garlic, oregano, chilli, olives and white wine in a light tomato sauce.


Manzo Iberico

Strips of beef with chorizo, mushrooms and red wine sauce.


Penne Alfredo

   Penne pasta with chicken, cream and sun-dried tomato.



Home-made pancakes stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach baked with cream and tomato sauce.


Pesce del Giorno

Fresh fish of the day.


Sweet or Coffee



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